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Its a Favor


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// Click here to design this item Designer cup cakes are all the rage and presenting them in these delightful mini cake stands will elevate yours into a league of their own! Enchant your guests with these cute mini cup cake stands. They will make an eye-catching display on your event tables. Our stands are made from clear acrylic plastic and feature a raised round base on a stand and a domed top that lifts off. Fill the stands with treats in a color that matches your table theme or use them to showcase one fabulous designer cup cake. Add a delightful touch to your tables when you adorn them with these dramatic little favors. Size is 3" wide x 4" tall Perfectly Plain Collection medium mini cake stand Made from clear acrylic plastic Two piece stand with round base and domed top Top lifts off the platform base to fill / retrieve treats Bulk packed in a poly bag A cute and unusual favor and a great way to showcase your designer cup cakes!