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Its a Favor

Mini Cake Stand / Plastic Box From The Perfectly Plain Collection

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Put treats - and best wishes - on display in an adorable way with these Perfectly Plain Collection cake stand favors Have you ever noticed that when you go into a fabulous bakery the items look even more delectable because they are so beautifully displayed? Well, Fashioncraft surely had that concept in mind when we came up with this favor stunner from our Perfectly Plain Collection. And we're sure that whatever you choose to put in it - small candies, a single bon bon, or any other treats and treasures - they'll look even better inside with this mini cake stand on the outside! Description and details: Each measures 3 tall x 2 wide Two piece clear plastic petit cake stand Dramatic domed lid lifts off of platform base to fill/remove treats Sturdy construction with premium quality plastic A clear front runner as a favor fit for candy or any number of other treats Items come bulk packed